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12 WEEKS £875

For someone who wants to be fully prepared for their big day, wanting to invest more time and effort on health and wellbeing to get you to where you’ve always wanted to be. . . To your happy weight, feeling less stressed, sleeping better, more energised and feeling fantastic! Also learning to maintain it whilst staying focussed on your long-term goals.


At the end of the 12 weeks, by creating new habits and loving your new way of thinking, you’ll feel confident and ready for your big day. Knowing that you have all the tools you need to keep your health and weight on track for life, so there’ll be no need for any fad ‘diets’ in the future.

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Programme Includes

Initial 90-minute consultation

An assessment of your current diet

Personalised nutrition and mindset advice

Knowledge of which foods to eat to help you release weight & nourish your body

11 x weekly 60-minute consultation calls

Recipes & Shopping List

Unlimited email support

WhatsApp support

Food Diary

Daily monitoring of food diary

Health coaching, motivation, and accountability support

Mindset work to help create lasting change

Michelle has been a breath of fresh air


Michelle has been a breath of fresh air, challenging my thoughts and processes to allow me clarity of thought, action and responsibility. I think everybody needs a Michelle to help, guide, support and applaud them to reach their goals.  Read more >

North Wales,UK

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