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"I feel so empowered and in control"

Michelle has been a breath of fresh air

"Michelle has been a breath of fresh air, challenging my thoughts and processes to allow me clarity of thought, action and responsibility. I think everybody needs a Michelle to help, guide, support and applaud them to reach their goals.  Her teaching and understanding have allowed me to grow in every facet of wellbeing from Eckhart Tolle to the Four agreements having started my own journey of self-enlightenment.  I am strong and happy not faltering in some of life’s tougher moments and for that I thank Michelle unreservedly."

Tracey – North Wales, UK

Image by Ella Olsson

Michelle is a great coach!

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for health guidance and accountability throughout the process.She is a lovely person and very genuine. She instils trust and makes people feel at ease. I am sure she will be able to help a lot of people on their journey.

Margie - Netherlands

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"Michelle’s support has been without doubt the key to my success and the missing piece of my jigsaw... she’s provided me with a structure which got me off to an amazing start. As soon as we chatted over Zoom I felt full of inspiration and her words of wisdom filled me with confidence.


I needed guidance and I realise that now. We text daily and Michelle has provided me with all tools I needed to start my journey and to invest that time in me. I have had recipes, food diary analysis/ feedback, words of wisdom and encouragement, honesty and above all kindness."

Victoria – North Wales, UK

Informative, motivating and thought provoking

"I joined Michelle’s 8-week group coaching programme with a view to kick start my weight loss journey. The weekly zoom meetings were informative, motivating and thought provoking. Not only did I manage to lose weight, but the sessions have been a catalyst for permanent, healthy, whole life changes. I would highly recommend working with Michelle to achieve your health goals."

Rachel - Carmarthen, West Wales

Image by Brenda Godinez

I feel the best I’ve felt in many years

"If you’d asked me a couple of months ago whether I’d be 26lbs lighter, have a waistline that is five and a half inches smaller and feel the best I’ve felt in many years I would not have thought it possible.... over the past few years, the pounds had crept on, and I didn’t feel good – my energy levels were low, life felt like an effort, and I certainly didn’t like looking at my reflection in the mirror...


Working with Michelle has been wonderful and made the whole process so much more effective. She has been vital on this journey and so encouraging and making sure that I understand all the nutritional information along with the importance of how our mindset impacts us – so powerful.  If I hit a plateau or needed some guidance she was always there supporting and advising me. It’s not about counting the calories, it's about changing the way we think about our relationship with food and focusing on a healthy nutritional diet that means I have better focus, clearer thinking and, of course, a body I now love to look at in the mirror.


After just two months with Michelle, I feel so empowered and in control. I now understand how my body works and what I can do if I want to lose weight or just maintain where I am.   I have now reached my target weight and feel so good and would definitely recommend Michelle”

Teresa - West Sussex, UK

Image by Jonathan Borba


"Thank you so much Michelle for creating the lovely and trusting atmosphere in the group, and for going out of your way to help and keep us on track with our goals in a gentle, but focused way. I‘ve thoroughly enjoyed the 8 week journey with you and the rest of the group."

Taina - Finland

She gave me the support and encouragement that I really needed...

I signed up for an 8-week programme with Michelle as my holistic health and weight loss coach to help me stick to a healthy food plan and lose weight. Not only did she do that, but she helped me to work out how to eat healthily, how to identify foods that were made with a lot of sugars, preservatives etc. I also learned a lot about myself and why I do the things I do, like eat half a bar of chocolate when I’m upset!


She gave me the support and encouragement that I really needed. We spoke every week via Zoom and she would always send me an email after the call with a recap and advice on great recipes or self-help books to read. We kept in touch just about every day on WhatsApp and she was always there for me. We have now become friends and even though the programme has ended and I’m at my goal weight, we still keep in touch which is so special. I can recommend her highly to anyone needing help, advice, support and love.

Kerry - Zambia

Image by Anh Nguyen
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