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Summer Drinks

Summer parties are often filled with sweet, alcoholic drinks that can lead to weight gain and unbalance your blood sugar levels. It’s not always easy to know what to drink instead without feeling deprived. I’ve got a few delicious and refreshing alternatives for you to try.


Strawberry lemonade

Serves 8

2 litres water

8 lemons, squeezed (around 280 ml)

1/2 -3/4 tsp liquid stevia (try NuNaturals)

250g strawberries, sliced  

In a large jug combine water, lemon juice and stevia. Simply stir in sliced strawberries and serve over ice.


Cucumber, mint + lemon fizz

Serves 6

1.5ltr sparkling water

half a cucumber, sliced

10 mint leaves

1 lemon, sliced

Put all the ingredients in a large jug, chill and serve.


Sparkling cherries

Serves 2

4tbsp Cherry Active

500ml sparkling water

Add sparkling water to the Cherry Active and serve with ice.


Sparkling lime water

Exactly as it sounds … Sparkling water with a good squeeze of fresh lime juice over ice. Simple and refreshing – and you can guarantee a pub will have the ingredients (but likely you’ll need to remind them about the fresh lime and not cordial).


Sparkling kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented healthy alternative to sparkling soft drinks known for being full of naturally occurring vitamins, acids, and beneficial bacteria. I'd suggest you check that the sugar content is 5g or under per 100ml. Making it is a labour of love. Learn how to make it here Alternatively, you can buy it ready-made.

Find one that you like to make it your go to on a warm summer day when you choose not to drink alcohol and get satisfaction from knowing it's better for your body and overall health.

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